Thanks for the models you provided for the WEC 40. Courtney and Lucie were not only really hot, they were also , friendly, punctual and very easy to work with. They interacted with prospective customers and the crowd and made themselves available for tons of candid's.
They were absolutely great. Venus Models Online was also very helpful in the selection in finding the right girls and setting up all of the logistics. I will absolutely be coming to Venus models Online again in the future.
Thanks for everything.
Scott M. Pryhocki
Spartan, Inc.

Carlitos would like to Thank Venus Models Online for the exceptional, Professionalism, responsible, and much much more service provided, The models/dancers were so sweet and professional that I have no words To express the sentiment they left in me after the performance, I would love to work with them again,
I can only say Thank you Venus Models Online, Thank you Gloria
Thank you Natalie.
Best Regards,
I've had the pleasure of working with Venus Models Online for almost a year now. I have to say that Venus has a knack for choosing the best projects/auditions for her models. She not only looks at the entire package but she also listens to what I'm interested and where I want my career togo. This teamwork leads to more bookings then any other agency I'm currently working with. I am also impressed at how quickly I'm paid for jobs. In this business it's not uncommon to have to wait for months to be paid. After booking work with Venus I don't think I've had to wait longer then two weeks. Thank you Venus for all the hard work and fabulous auditions you have sent me on!!
Venus Models Testimony Venus Models Online is incredible and has been a blessing in my life. I have worked for them for several jobs over the past year. She is one of the most honest business women I've ever met. She protects her models and fully supports them. I've often wondered if she interviews the clients because everyone I've ever worked with from her company has been so amazing and professional. In a world and an industry that is so competitive she has been a breath of fresh air. She is sensitive to your every need and supports your goals and aspirations 100% to help you achieve them! I am so proud to be part of this agency. Thank You Venus Models Online!!!!!!
Thank You xoxo
I have had the pleasure of working with Venus several times over the past year. Venus Models Online is certainly one of my favorite agencies to book work through. I recommend Venus Models to clients seeking models as well as new and experienced models looking for work. Venus Models Online is wonderful to work with!!
I just used Venus models for a recent trade show in Los Angeles. I actually have my own models, but one of them canceled at the last minute so I called Venus at the last minute. The customer service I received was exceptional and the model was absolutely stunning and extremely personable. I described to Venus my specific needs and she far exceeded my expectations with the particular model she provided me with. Not only would I highly recommend the service for any and all promotional modeling needs, but I will be using the service every time I travel to a different city and have a need for a promotional model.
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bedazzle My Bonbons